District 160

Business Representitive

Glenn R. Farmer

eMail BR

360 380-2569

Local Lodge Meeting

General Membership @ 7pm

Executive Board meets @ 6pm

First Thursday of each month unless a holiday falls on the week of the meeting. Meeting is moved to second Thursday in event this happens.

Local Lodge 2379

2064 Vista Drive

PO Box 2569

Ferndale, WA 98248

(360) 380-2569

Next Union Meeting

January 11, 2018

L2R: Augustin Galindo, Larry Stensent, Luke Ackerson, Pete Powell, Dale McGuire


The Whatcom County Council is considering passing a study to kill jobs at Cherry Point and cut education funding for schools in our communities. 



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What's this all about???


Here is a summary of contractual obligations that benefit laid off employees.  Please contact a shop steward if you have any questions.

Recall rights for two years/ two years of seniority

Article 9  Section  A-2  Page 25

Vacation Accrual

Article 12  Section B Page 37 and Section H Page 40

Continuation of Benefits for 12 months   

Article 22  Section G Page 67

Performance Pay

Appendix # 2 Section II Page 98

Pension Service accrues for 1 year during layoff

Pension Agreement-Page 3 of Alcoa Retirement Plan.

Supplemental Unemployment

Article 22 Section C Page 67-Summary of plant Details will be communicated in the near future.

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Young Machinists Website

The last Union meeting the question was raised by a young member: Why should I be involved? Check out this site.

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Shop Stewards

Agustin Galindo 360-389-0642
Nathaniel Maddux 360-201-4837
Mike Lathrop 360-961-1638

Alternate Stewards

Contact Agustin Galindo if you're interested in being an Alternate Steward


Dale McGuire 360-220-2363
Luke Ackerson 360-389-8952
Peter Powell 360-393-6739
Larry Stenseth 360-318-3190

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